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Play waterpolo in Stockholm, play waterpolo in Sweden

Welcome to StockholmsPolisens IF Vattenpolo Förening!

SPIF-VP is a proffessional waterpolo club located in the city of Stockholm, the capital of Sweden. Currently, the team plays in both mens and womens top divisions, so called Elitserien. Last year the mens were ranked 2nd and the womens 3rd. We have players all over the world, apart from Sweden. Our coach and our manager are Mr. Gunnar Johansson Mr. Hans Lundén, former Olympic Games players. We have a great atmosphere in the club and we enjoy playing our favourite sport, waterpolo.

If you are interested to move to Sweden as a student, please take a look in the left menu to "Study in Sweden". The universities offering international programs with further information are listed.

You can find also information about the possibility to get a job in Sweden. Links to the principal websites of the job market are listed in the left menu "Work in Sweden".

You are welcome to join to Polisen! Contact us!

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