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Work in Sweden

The following webpages can help you find a job in Stockholm for English speakers:

- The Local: Sweden's news in English


- Swedish Wire:


- Arbetsförmedligen:


- English jobs in Sweden, Stockholm:


- Iagora: Job and internships in Stockholm


- Linkedin: Sweden Jobs in English


Since our team is multicultural, you may want to contact a player that is a native speaker of your same language!

- Spanish: José Javier Veganzones, This is a mailto link

- Russian: Richard Ericson, This is a mailto link

- Italian: Maxime Gazzo and Pierdomenico Poilto, This is a mailto link

- Hungarian: Olaani Hedeta and Oliver Hamori, This is a mailto link

- Serbian/Croatian/Montenegrin/Slovenian: This is a mailto link

Welcome to Stockholm, welcome to StockholmsPolisens IF - VPF!

Uppdaterad: 15 JUL 2017 15:04 Skribent: Jose Javier Veganzones Muñoz

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Anna Marinos Fysioterapi


Photographer 1 - Österbyfotografen 

Maxime Gazzo



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