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"Gammal är äldst!"

13 APR 2015 23:29
Interview to Jannica "Wall"und, goalie of the Polisen ladies. With contrasted experience and considered one of the best players in the Elitserien "Jancan" is the heart of the team: "We go to every match with joy and play because we love waterpolo"
  • Skapad: 13 APR 2015 23:29

The ladies team is performing a fantastic season. After a bronze medal last year, the girls have shown a great improvement that has no limits. In the ground season they have been able to beat Linköping and Järfälla, which is the reigning champions in Sweden. StockholmsPolisens IF interviews one of the players that has contributed to this sucess, Jannica "Wall"und, the goalkeeper of the women's team and considered one of the best players in Sweden.

What are your goals for this season?

The goals for this season is to play better in comparison to last year and win at least 1 game. Check that! By now we have win 2 and will play to reach the Swedish National League finals!

How does the team feel after the last win over current champions Järfälla?

We have a very good feeling in the team after the last games. The win over Järfälla has strengthened up the team and the environment around the team. To defeat Järfälla that is the reigning champions is of course a plus in strength and confidence. And we are going to take with us that feeling in the semifinals.

What are the strongest skills of the Polisen ladies team?

We are a team with some players with more years of experience than our rivals can gather together. The fact that we have a higher average age than the other teams is not something negative. We go to every match with joy and play because we love waterpolo. We know how it feels to win and we can use that feeling when it is getting hard. Although our strongest skill is actually that we have good players in each position that contribute to be strong winning team.

What are the key factors to win over Järfälla in the semifinals?

(Laughs) You are asking me as a goalkeeper… We need to focus on our gameplay and go in with joy to play waterpolo. The focus needs to be that we do our work and play for the team. We do not have such a player that needs to do more for the team than anyone else, so it is simple. We go inside the water aware that we are a strong team, play our game and play for winning.


What do you like most of waterpolo as a sport?

Waterpolo is a physical sport that requires in addition a lot of play feeling. There is nothing as cool as to play with a team that has the same feeling in common and that finds each other in the water.

How long did you stop playing before coming back last season?

I stopped playing in 2001, made an appearance in 2005, and played the Masters World Cup Championships in 2011 with some of the players of the current team. As I see it myself, I stopped playing in 2001, although I have always been in touch with waterpolo.

When was the last time Polisen women’s team won the Elitserien?

We took home our fourth in a row gold medal in 1999.

How do you think about women’s waterpolo in Sweden?

There is a lot to desire when it comes to women’s waterpolo in Sweden. However, I think that there is a negative trend that has been changed for the last years. To see and to read that teams like SKK may have a women’s team  for the next year is very funny.

Nevertheless, I think that at a federation level it should be investigated which issues can be handled together with men’s waterpolo and which other ones should be oriented only to women’s. The women’s side needs support (even from the men’s) where the federation needs to break the approach taken during the last years referring to ladies waterpolo. The federation should think of which importance does Polisen ladies team (with theirs experience) have in the future. What and how it is thought of make use of such collected experience in this team is a key question.

What would you say it is important to keep Polisen women’s section alive in the club?

The answer to this question is related with what I just mentioned. I think that Polisen as a club has a good history. As a club we have taken some double gold medals (womens&mens) years ago, we have had a lot of national players and we also have started to taking care of the younger. For example, to take advantage that we are a men’s and women’s team has made us stronger and better.


A good memory from your waterpolo experience that you can share with us?

Of course: the double gold medal of 1996. We played in the old Eriksdalsbadet the best of three matches (Friday, Saturday and Sunday). 

We (ladies) lost our first match against Neptun after 6 extra periods. Tiredness had no limits. The men’s team won their first game and could play with the knowledge that there was one more game to play.

When we as ladies took part of the joy from the win of the men’s a desire of feeling the same appeared. A strong memory of this moment is of course the gold caps that my mother had stitched up in the biggest secrecy of Purra (player of the men’s team) and me, which were given out to the men’s for their win. I want to have one like this! Should I need to say that we won easily Saturday’s match?

On Sunday we came and as a team we were not sure if we would have audience. The men’s team had won their SM (Swedish National League) gold medal the day before. But 10 minutes before the game started the hall filled up with our boyfriends, family and not least the men’s team (which for the honor from the previous day was painted in their faces – for our sake). We won the game, we got our caps and there was an endless joy. This joy is one of the strongest memories that I can gladly share – and that I would like gladly to feel again. Why not this year?

A message for all your fans and for all Polisen supporters in general:

Polisen is perhaps one underrated team. But I am sure that both women’s and men’s team have good chances to play the final this year. In order to do that we need all the help we can have. The audience is our extra support, so follow us in the final battle to the SM title!

For ladies team one thing applies: Gammal är äldst!

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