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Polisen Waterpolo closes 2014 with a positive balance

31 DEC 2014 12:46
2014 ends with many good news for the club. The results have been improved in all the main competitions. Ladies team is back after many years. A new division has been created. New promising faces will be fighting for the upcoming competitions in 2015
  • Skapad: 31 DEC 2014 12:46

The year 2014 ends and Polisen Waterpolo makes a positive balance overall. Even though no gold medal could be achieved, the team has improved considerably in all terms.

The year began with the team rolling past all rivals in Elitserien. In the ground series the team qualified first undefeated after 9 wins and 1 draw. An amazing rejuvenated Andreas Hartzell was the "Pichichi", being the top scorer with 38 goals. Later on, the Final Four ended with the "cops" leading the standings, and thus facing the fourth qualified, Linköping, in the semifinals. The games turned out not to be a difficult challenge for the team, winning both with huge difference. Polisen was in Elitserien's final again after 16 years. On the other side, in the penalty shootout, arch-rivals Hellas defeated surprisingly Järfälla, who had won the series for the last 4 years in a row.

Andy shot

In order to prepare the final the team traveled to Lavagna (Italy) in order to train and play with the local team which currently plays Serie A2 and is coached by our friend Marco Risso. The team prepared a video gathering the best moments of the trip:

Lavagna Tour Video

Furthermore, with the aim to encourage players and supporters, the team prepared a very nice motivating video in different languages. The video was a great success not only in Sweden, but also abroad, being posted by the different international waterpolo media:

Polisen Motivational Video - SM-Final 2014

Unfortunately, in the derby for the final Polisen could not defeat Hellas, which won the first 2 games, thus achieving the gold medal. It was a tough loss for all the players, who saw the series gone after the first and unique defeat during the whole season, where it was shown that the team deserved to be proclaimed as Swedish winner. However, Polisen is also known for not losing the faith. The team understood that the balance is positive after all, and that even more work is needed. It said that "in order to win the final one must first lose it". Now "the cops" have the experience. It is also important to remember that the results have improved along the last years. 2012 the team ended 4th, 2013 finished with a bronze medal, last year it was a silver medal... Math makes all the accounts for the new upcoming year!

During summer 2014, the team participated in the famous SM-vecka, which gathers all sports for the National Swedish Championships, also Beach Vattenpolo. A young team with a lot of enthusiasm went into the cold water of Borås. In quarterfinals of the tournament Polisen took the revenge over Hellas defeating them with a very nice play. Nevertheless, in the semifinals, after a good beginning of the match, the team could not hold back Järfälla in the second half and ended up in a tight score loss. The Championships resulted in a very great bronze medal for the club, that besides improves the outcome of the previous edition in Halmstad 2013.

Beachpolo Boras 2014

Last September the season 2014/2015 kicked off. The team's structure remains similar: Hasse "Button" Öberg still rocks in the center, Johan "The Submarine" becomes stronger and dominates the center, Richard "Boom" terrifies with his accurate strong fast shot, Mehdi "The Persian Wall" imposes the silence among rivals with his saves, Oskar "Capitano" Thiel remains as safe asset as center and centerback, Matte "The Siren" is faster and has considerably improved his shot, "MadMax" keeps fighting with passion every second, Pier "Negativo" starts finding "Madonna" in his shots, Winny "Anaconda" continues passionate and intense in defense and improves his tactical abilities, "Olaaaaani" gets the good feelings back under the goal, "Mick n Roll" keeps beating like a cangaroo and JJ is still the Espanish Casillas everybody remembers. And we miss Andy that surely will be back in a very good shape, and also Sommer and Steve, that are educating new future waterpolo stars. Martin Ericson is also on his way back to the competititve level. And of course we do not forget our Olympic managers Gunnar and Hasse Lundén that invest their time and knowledge with us. Polisen suporters could enjoy seeing many new faces: the players Mark Conrad (USA), Oliver Cosani (Italy), Vedran Prezlonik (Croatia), Attila Bata (Hungary) and Kim Hansson (Sweden), and the assistant coach Christodoulos Marinos (Greece). A lot of nationalities, as Polisen has been always characterized, that will help for sure a lot in our way for the fight of 2015's gold medal.

But there is one very important fact missing in this first part of the article... 2014 has also been the year of the womens team! In January of this year, the ladies made their come-back to the top division after many years absent. It was a great opportunity to see back in the water former waterpolo stars, such as the excellent goalkeeper Jannica Wahlund, that made awesome saves, or the tough fighter center Anna Gleissner, that scored 13 goals in the ground series.

Polisen ladies

The women's team qualified to play Semifinals against Neptun. The latter seemed to be favourite to go ahead to the final after having defeated Polisen in both games in the ground series. However, the ladies set up a nice strategical match directed from the bench by Christodoulos Marinos and Richard Ericson, and hold the fight back to a tight score. The team had chances to reach the final until the end, but eventually Neptun won the battle, especially thanks to a longer training and preparation along the last years. Excellent bronze medal achieved by the women's team. This new season the team has signed the former Top Division Roumanian player Teodora Golomoz which will surely help the team improve. Polisen ladies will be back in the water in the beginning of 2015.

Furthermore, it has been a transition year for the young teams. The inclusion of the new coach Christodoulos Marinos in cooperation with Hans Lunden has resulted in a clear improvement. Not only a better play has been achieved, but also the deserved results are starting to come. USM-B team is clearly the best in the Stockholm area over Hellas and Neptun, and now located 3rd in the standings after Falun and Järfälla. The most highlighted players have been Drazen Obradovic and Gustav Lange, top scorers in the ground series. Gustav Lange has even had the chance to make his debut in the Elitserien.

However, in 2014 there has not only been sports related news, but also administrative. In June 2014, economical issues caused that the Division (Förening) of Swimming within the club StockholmsPolisens IF, which comprised Swimming, Waterpolo and Diving, was divided into three different divisions corresponding to each sport. Therefore, the new club started a new stage with a new board formed by manager Hans Lundén, coach Gunnar Johansson, captain Oskar Thiel, and players José Javier Veganzones, Richard Ericson and Anna Marinou. The goals for next year 2015 is to achieve a positive balanced economy, to make the team grow especially from the young base, get inside more sponsors and of course to be able to reach gold medal in all the competitions where the team participates! The club also aims to keep participating in social causes such as Movember, which was followed successfully last November.

Polisen Movember

Summing up, 2014 has been a good positive year for the club, and we would like to thank all you players, technical staff, friends, family and supporters in general, and rest of waterpolo community!

StockholmsPolisens IF - VattenpoloFörening wishes Happy New Year 2015 full of waterpolo success!

Skribent: Jose Javier Veganzones Muñoz

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