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Polisen gets closer to the Final Four

12 DEC 2014 23:09
After a tough loss against Järfälla last Friday, the team concentrated and came back to the good play progressively defeating SKK and Hellas, on Saturday and Sunday respectively. The team allocates now in the 3rd position of the Elitserien.
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After a month of training hard to prepare the 3-game weekend, Polisen faced the current leader of the championship Järfälla, archrivals SKK and the last season's gold medal winner Hellas. 2 wins and 1 loss gives a positive balance and the club jumps up to the 3rd place and assures practically the qualification for the Final Four for third year in a row.

StockholmsPolisens IF-VPF 8-30 Järfälla SS

The results says it all. Tough hurting loss for the club. A good beginning of the first quarter led to 1 goal advantage for the "cops", who showed the superiority in the center position thanks to Johan Lundén. However, JS kept strong to follow in the score, came over the press that the local club played in defence and used fast counterattacks to finish the 1st period with a result of 3-7. In the second quarter the visiting team continued their siege and did not give any single option to come back in the score, and with the help of Anton Hanserkers and Mattias Sahlberg (7 goals each in the game), the half break was reached with a result of 5-16. The third quarter, though, JS deaccelerated, thus turning out in a more balance period, where the final score was 2-3. The last period was unfortunately influenced by the fight that happened in the water after hard defence over center Johan Lundén. The referees decided controversially to exclude for 4 minutes 3 of Polisen players (Johan, Matte and Mick), whereas the rival team had no punishment at all. The fact of playing with only 3 players the last minutes led to a final score of 8-30.

StockholmsPolisens IF-VPF, 8: Johan Lundén (3), Richard Ericson (2), Kim Hansson (1), Vicente Tirado (1), Vedran Prezlonik (1).

Järfälla SS, 30: Anton Hanserkers (7), Mattias Sahlberg (7), Andreas Sahlberg (3), Fredrik Sundgren (3), Marcus Rouf (3), Arash Lorashbi (2), Adam Hassan (2), Niclas Nord (2), Martin Swedenborg (1).

Stockholms KK 9-15 StockholmsPolisens IF-VPF

Fury. Anger. Rage. Reaction capacity.

That is how the team felt after Friday's game. The game looked difficult provided the last encounter against the neighbour rivals and that the team had 3 very important players that could not play because of the red card obtained the day before. But nothing could stop the enthusiasm of the team to get back to the right track.

The game turned out to be tight from the beginning. In the first quarter, Polisen tried to get advantage in the score through the two goals of Kim Hansson and the goal of Pierdomenico Polito, but the distance was reduced by SKK, ending the first period 2-3 for the "cops". The second quarter runned in the same way, where Polisen increased the difference to 3-5 in the middle of the game, thanks to the goals of Richard Ericson and Vicente Tirado.

In the third period Polisen escaped in the score up to 3-7, and later 4-9, finishing the quarter with a clear winning score for the club of 5-12. This great partial of 2-7 could take place because of the great performance of Richard Ericson that completed a poker, and also Maxime Gazzo, Hans Öberg, Christian Sommer and Kim Hansson. The last period, with the game decided, served to distribute the minutes among players, and also for the debut of young player Gustav Lange in the Elitserien. Congratulations!

The full match can be found in the following link:

Full match SKK-Polisen

Stockholms KK, 9: Gurum Nozazde (5), Daniel Cederqvist (2), Milos Radovic (1), Uros Aleksic (1).

StockholmsPolisens IF-VPF, 15: Richard Ericson (4), Kim Hansson (4), Hans Öberg (2), Maxime Gazzo (2), Vicente Tirado (1), Pierdomenico Polito (1), Christian Sommer (1).

StockholmsPolisens IF-VPF 10-4 Hellas SK

And so with nice vibes all Polisen players woke up on Sunday. Decided to make the win stay home and get closer for the qualification to the Final Four. Hellas, on their side, wanted to show that they are still alive in the series after the loss against Linköping the day before.

The game began very even, both teams fighting to start with a good feet. It was Hellas that inaugurated the score from a 6 m shot (0-1). Nevertheless, Polisen kept patient and came back after a 3-0 partial thanks to the goals of Hans Öberg from man-up and Kim Hansson in two occassions, leading 3-1 at the end of the first quarter. In the second period the "cops" made attempts to increase the distance in the score, and so it became with a goal of, once again, Kim Hansson. Polisen forgave clear chances, and let Hellas reduce in the score by 4-2 before the half break was reached.

In the third quarter the rivals came even closer 4-3. However, a strong reaction from the local team extended to the end of the game led to an awesome fantastic partial of 6-0, with nice goals from Hans Öberg, Mattias Renholm, Johan Lundén, Richard Ericson topped with the great performance of Kim Hansson who completed a poker of goals in the game.

The full match can be found in the following link:

Full match Polisen-Hellas

StockholmsPolisens IF-VPF, 10: Kim Hansson (4), Hans Öberg (2), Mattias Renholm (2), Richard Ericson (1), Johan Lundén (1).

Hellas SK, 4: Dennis Cumurija (1), Ola Jutner (1), Mathias Isaksson (1), Stefan Mikaelsson (1).

Skribent: Jose Javier Veganzones Muñoz

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