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The first edition of Polisen Klubbmästerskap, a great success

31 JAN 2015 14:14
Polisen celebrated for the first time the so called Klubbmästerskap, where all players, yound and senior, mens and womes, played waterpolo with their close friends and family. Around 70 people joined the event and had great time.
  • Skapad: 31 JAN 2015 14:14

StockholmsPolisens IF - VattenpoloFörening organized last 23th january the first edition of the Klubbmästerskap. A wonderful event full of joy and nice atmosphere where all players from the team had the chance to invite friends and family to play waterpolo. Clearly a great success, around 70 people came by to Eriksdalsbadet!

The manager of the team, Hans Lundén, welcomed all the people. He gave an introduction of what how the new team is developing to all the participants. Later on, he explained the basic rules of waterpolo. And then it was time to get into the water! Great experience for all the ones that dared to!P1230056

3 game fields were organized. In one of them, young players mixed their parents and their friends and played beach-polo with small goals. Mehdi Malek and Michael Lawson coached their respective teams, and Hans Lundén refereed the game. In other field, ladies, young girls and girlfriends of senior players organized a match. Maybe some future ladies stars in there? Finally, a more experienced game took place with the senior players and their friends. Tough but fun!


After a good intense waterpolo practice the club invited to pizza and sodas. Everybody agreed that it had been very well organized and lots of fun. Thanks all for coming! The club is looking forward to organizing the next Klubbmästerskap!



Skribent: Jose Javier Veganzones Muñoz

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